5 Ways to Catch up on Your Reading Even if You're the Busiest Person Alive!

So, you've read my post about the 5 Amazing Things That Happen When You Begin to Read More and 5 Ways to Afford Books When You're on a Budget, but you're still saying that you don't know have time to read.

I'm not calling you a liar, but let me tell you, You. Do. Have. Time. To. Read! Reading is just like anything else in your life that's important to you, you have to make time for it. It might seem impossible to carve out time in your day to read, but you're going to be amazed at the places you can catch up on your reading!

Keep Reading For 5 Ways to Catch up on Your Reading Even if You're the Busiest Person Alive! 

Read During Your Daily Commute...if you can


Ignore this tip completely if you have to drive every day for your daily commute, but if you take the train or bus to work this is the perfect time to get some reading in. Instead of staring out of the window or checking FB on your smartphone, dig that book or kindle out and get to reading. Even if your commute is just 15 minutes a day each way, this would allow you to get at least several pages of your book read every day.





Read During Your Lunch Break


Whether you work at an office, work from home or are a stay-at-home-mom, reading during your lunch break is one of the best ways book addicts sneak in their reading. I'm not suggesting you ignore work mates, but talking less and reading more will ensure you're on your way to meeting your reading goals. I pack a book with me every day to read with my meal on the days that I work outside the home.Sometimes, I find myself reaching for my phone to browse Facebook or Twitter. Then I see that book sticking out of my purse and snatch it up right away. It really does take a lot of will  power to read as much as possible during your break, but if you want to read more you can get it done. Don't be concerned about whether or not your co-workers think you're weird, you're an adult! If they don't understand the value of reading than that's not your problem.

Less Binge Watching...More Reading


Here at Netflix and Read, we love to binge watch! However, it's a delicate balance between being a lover of TV and movies and being a book addict. You really don't have to give up one completely for the other. Try only watching the TV Shows that definitely keep you hooked episode after episode. Only make time for shows that really keep your interests. Limit movie night to once or twice a week max . Try DVRing all of your favorite shows or watching them through On Demand, Hulu or Netflix. This way you can view your must-watch shows  on your days off versus watching them live every night.  Doing this will free up time during the evening for reading. You can binge watch during the day and read at night without any guilt.

Read With The Kids


If you have children, you can pair your reading time with your children's reading time. After reading them a story or two, let them know that it's "quiet reading time." While they read a book quietly to themselves, you can pull out your book and read as well. This is a great way to read in peace while knowing exactly where your kids are and what they're doing.


Go to Bed Early


Everyone is super busy these days, but if you can read just 20 minutes before bed, you will definitely experience the amazing effects of reading more. Try to fix dinner early, turn off your smartphone early and definitely shut off your TV early. Do whatever it is you have to do to free up time at the end of your night to read before you close those eye-lids.

No one is busier than writer Stephan King or Oprah, and these are celebrities who are huge advocates of  being a constant reader. So what's your excuse!

If you're done making excuses, follow these helpful tips to free up more time in your day so you can get to reading! 

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