5 Amazing Things That Happen When You Start Reading More

 Welcome to the first part of the Learning to Love Reading Series!

"I don't have time to read!" is something I hear on a daily basis after being asked why I read so much.

I know however that this just isn't true.  As someone who works outside of the home part-time while being a freelance writer, I know how little time there can be to read. However, I somehow always find the time to escape into a work of fiction. Whether it's stealing 15 minutes during my lunch break or 20 minutes before bed, I always carve out some time in my day to read. It does take some discipline and pre-planning. However, even for the busiest person, it's not impossible to do.

If you don't see any reason for you to take precious moments out of your day to read, perhaps you should keep scrolling. You might be surprised at the 5 amazing things that can happen when you start reading more.

You Sleep Better

If you're having trouble sleeping even after a busy day, it's time to re-evaluate your sleep routine. Reading right  before bed can put you in a relaxed and meditative state that can help wind down from a stressful day. There are many times when I have no time to read during the day.  However, I turn off my phone, TV, and laptop 20 minutes before bed in order to get my reading in. I not only fall asleep faster, I also stay asleep throughout the night.

You Experience Events as If You're Living Them

Studies show that your brain can't tell the difference between reading about an experience and actually living it. That's why when you read you feel so connected to well-written characters and events. You can live in the world of epic fantasy one night and a romantic fantasy the next. It's always sounded like a cliche to say books can take you anywhere, but now we have scientific proof that they actually can.

You Can Improve Your Attention Span

We all need help with this one! Our attention spans are growing smaller and smaller every day thanks to having to juggle so many tasks, searching social media and hearing our news stories through 10 second sound bites. Reading books, however, trains us to think in sequences because all books have a beginning, middle, and end. A long attention span is important in today's fast pace world. You might find that you have more focus in order to get things done once you get into a steady pattern of reading.

You Become More Empathetic

Scientist discovered that reading literary or genre fiction can lead to people becoming more empathetic. When people read more, they're able to block out some of the everyday chaos going on in the world and really connect with the feelings of the characters. Readers tend to take these connections with them and apply them to everyday relationships. Simply put: Reading can make you a better person.

You Can Grow Smarter

We should never stop learning and if something as simple as reading a book can boost your intelligence, then why not give a try. An article published by The Guardian stated that people who read more scored higher than non-readers on a test that measured all 3 levels of a person's intelligence. Who knows what windows of opportunity could open up for you by growing just a little bit smarter with each reading session.

Are you feeling inspired to read now? Here at Netflix and Read we love both reading and binge watching, but even I can't deny that reading has benefits that binge watching simply doesn't.

I can hear many of you saying right now: "Isn't a steady reading habit expensive?" The answer is: not at all!  Join me next Friday and I'll show you 5 inexpensive or completely free ways to fill up your library and start reading right away! You're not going to want to miss this post so, be sure to subscribe to Netflix and Read using the box below so you won't miss the great opportunity.

Happy Reading!

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