Sci-Fi Movie Review: Arrival is a Sci-fi Film That Boldly Stands Out

Sci-fi is not my usual "movie night" choice. However, this past Saturday everyone in my house was interested in the Oscar nominated film Arrival so, that's exactly what we watched. I was expecting a long and boring sci-fi film that's something along the lines of Contact (guess you can tell I'm not a sci-fi fan, huh?).

From the movie's beautiful opening sequence, I knew I was going to enjoy this film, but it wasn't until the final act that Arrival appeared to be something special. The beauty and strengths of Arrival are hard to discuss without mentioning spoilers so this review will be rather brief.

Arrival is intimate, heart warming and even heart breaking at times. There are some scenes that feel strangely personal even though they have no place in reality beyond the movie. Amy Adams makes her character Louise highly relateable which elevates this film far beyond your average alien blockbuster fan fare. The movie is a standard 2 hours and despite its slow pacing, every scene has a purpose which is to lead you to a mind bending conclusion.

Don't let anyone ruin the complex ending for you. While I don't think it was the best film in 2016 ( it's currently nominated in the Oscar's Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screen Play category), it is definitely one of the best films.

Even if you're not a hard-core sci-fi fan like I am, but enjoy a well thought out, original and complex story, give Arrival a try.  It's pretty family friendly except for one strong expletive so, it's a great film for a fun movie night at home. Arrival doesn't have a feel-good quality to it, but it puts you through the full array of emotions of what it's like to be human. In strange way, from the comfort from your home, that feels like fun.

This film is worth the hype that the critics put out (which is a pretty rare occurrence).

I'm glad I gave Arrival a try, I'm sure you will be too.

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