Perfect Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts For Book Nerds

Valentine's Day is almost here so, if you haven't brought anything special for the book nerd in your life, it's time to get on it! It's a great time to take advantage of that awesome, free two-day Amazon Prime shipping deal or sign up for a free 30-day trial(with no strings attached) to get that gift to your special someone right on time. Of course, Valentine's Day is also the perfect time to treat yourself to some bookish goodies as well.

Giving the reader a gift card to buy any book they want might seem like a good idea at first, but it can come a cross as a bit impersonal. Here are some last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas to give that special book nerd in your life something to be excited about:

The Public Library Scented Candle: All book lovers love the smell of books. It may seem strange to non-book lovers, but for readers the smell of books is one of the most comforting scents in the world. This 100% soy wax candle smells just like the old books at your local library. This will both comfort and  bring an amazing atmospheric feel to a book nerds next reading session.
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 Earth Therapeutics: Relaxing Microwave Neck Pillow: One of the biggest challenges a book lover faces is trying to find a comfortable reading position. We're often propped up in bed or lounging in a chair. These sitting positions can often cause stiff necks. These neck pillows are perfect for relaxing your muscles and staying comfortable during those long reading sessions. These Earth Therapeutic pillows are safe to heat in the microwave, hype-allergenic and even smells like lavender chamomile.
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 Light It by Fulcrum (clip on Task Light and Book Light): This simple book light is perfect  for cuddling up in the dark with a good novel. If your spouse is a book nerd that keeps you up late at night with the light on, get them this convenient clip on light. It clips right on to the cover the book to direct the light straight on to the pages. It's also great for those stormy nights when  the power goes out, you can just keep on reading!
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Northpoint Cashmere Plush Velvet Throw Blanket: Even when it's not freezing cold out, book lovers still enjoy cuddling up under a super plush cashmere blanket! These blankets are the perfect accessory to help a reader truly lose themselves in a book.
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Coffeee/Tea Mugs For a Book lover:   Book lovers consume a lot of tea/cofee so a coffee mug is the perfect gift to give a reader. To make the gift extra special, why not fill the cup with some of their favorite chocolates so they have a little delicious snack to nibble on while devouring their new favorite read.
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Louboutin Shoes Handmade Bookmark Gift: It's always a great idea to give your book reading lover a bookmark to help keep their place so that they don't have to result to using flimsy sticky notes,  but why not give them something really different. When placed in a book, the book will appear to have legs that are wearing cute little Louboutin shoes! This goes beyond being a bookmark and becomes a memorable keepsake.
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If you're a single book lover who thinks all these things are glorious, don't grow sad wondering who is going to buy these gifts for you. Go ahead and