7 Bizarre and Chilling Documentaries Currently Streaming on Netflix

So, it's the weekend and you're looking forward to staying in side on the couch with your snacks and  Netflix.  However, you just don't know what to watch! You're not in the mood for any slick talking action films and you really don't want to watch a cheesy romantic comedy. Maybe you're in the mood for something a little different...a little bizarre. Here are 7 bizarre and chilling documentaries currently streaming on Netflix:

 *The content on Netflix changes all of the time. These documentaries were available for streaming on this website at the time this blog post was written.

Interview With a Serial Killer-

This short, yet deeply disturbing true-crime documentary details the life and crimes of serial killer Arthur Shawcross. Shawcross claims to have had a terrible up bringing that included incest followed by experimentation with bestiality. His stories however, seemed to change based on who was interviewing him. What we do know is he went on to brutally murder 11 women. This glimpse in to a serial killers mind doesn't make the murders any less understandable but, in a macabre way it's still fascinating.
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Men in Rubber Masks

  This documentary is definitely about men in rubber masks (as odd as that sounds). It takes a look at the lives of "female maskers," which are men who make themselves in to life like female dolls. They don silicone masks and bodysuits to give themselves the appearance of being a walking, talking sex doll. This doc is every bit as strange as it sounds.
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Killer Legends

 If you got chills from the documentary Cropsey then you're going to want to see Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mill's follow up documentary Killer Legends. These investigative reporters research the real-life origins of some well known urban legends. You will be stunned to learn that some of the "boogie-man" tales you were told as a child are actually true! Watch this one in the dark for maximum affect.
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Witch Hunt: A Century of Murder

 If you've always had an interest in the The Salem Witch trials, than you'll want to check out this docudrama. This two part miniseries narrated by Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb details the witch hunt that spread through Europe four-hundred years ago. If you thought the American witch trials were bad, wait to you hear about the hundreds of innocent victims who were killed overseas.
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The Nightmare

This docudrama takes a look at the extremely frightening condition that thousands of people experience on a regular basis: sleep paralysis. The documentary at times feels more like a horror film due to some super creepy reenactments. At times, some of the interviews feel staged and it would have benefited from some sort of backing from the scientific community, but this is still worth a watch on a lazy afternoon.
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End Day

 With the state of the world being what it is lately, have you wondered what would lead to the end of days?  End Day is part documentary, part disaster movie as your walked through several doomsday scenarios. There's nothing positive about this documentary, but it does feature some cool B grade disaster movie special affects. With it clocking in at 48 minutes long, you really don't have much to lose.
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Glory Daze: The Life and Times of Michael Alig

This documentary recounts the infamous details of how an extremely popular party boy of the 80s ended up murdering and dismembering a fellow club goer. This story is a cautionary tale about what happens when people live too much in a party world and not enough in reality. The only downside to this documentary is that it tries way too hard to be sympathetic toward the killer and even feels like it's blaming the victim at times. Watch this documentary with moral caution.
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What shocking documentaries have you seen in the comments lately? Let me know in the comments!