5 of The Most Terrifying True-Crime Novels You Have to Read

The Netflix 10-part documentary Making A Murderer created a revival for true crime documentaries. Suddenly, people who were never really interested in true crime were devouring all the documentaries they could get their hands on.  If you're still craving true-crime stories, but you're looking for some truly terrifying reads then you will want to check out these books below:

   If you're looking to truly dig in to the mind of a psychopath, then look no further! Richard Kuklinski was a hit man for the Gambino crime family and then eventually became an "independent contactor." Kuklinski himself estimates that he killed over 200 men and while that wasn't proven, what is known is that he was a brutal killer. He discusses how he enjoyed finding new and brutal ways to kill people. One murder involves a rat and a cave (you'll need  read the details of that incident for yourself). This true-crime book is unique because you get to hear the gritty details right from the serial killer himself.
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  If your curious about the man that inspired the movies Psycho, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and  Silence of The Lambs, then you need to read this nightmare inducing book. This small read details the life and crimes of infamous serial killer Ed Gein. How did a mild manner farmhand become a brutal serial killer with an obsession for his dead mother? Why was he trying build a human skin suit? The details of this mad man' s mind is truly chilling. Harold Schechter is one of the best crime writers out there and this is one of his most fasinating reads.
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 This true crime book is terrifying for many reasons. It chronicles the journey of a college student who become pen pals with the infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Jason Moss spent time seducing  infamous serial killers such as Jeffery Dahmer, Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson with his words. However, he formed his closest "bond" with Gacy. Moss was skilled at posing as the serial killer's ideal victim. His relationship with Gacy however, grew more daunting than he ever planned. This book stands apart due to the fact that the author seems a bit disturbed himself. The book takes on a whole new meaning when you learn the final fate of the author.
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This case was truly considered "the crime of the century." Leopold and Loeb were two young men who grew board with their affluent lives and decided to pursue something more interesting: murder. The fact that the murder included a child and that the two young men may have been lovers added an entirely new spin on the crime. This fascinating book explores both the heinous crime the pair committed and the history changing trial that proceeded it. It's a must read for any true crime book lover.
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 This is a classic book that anyone who considers themselves an avid true crime reader has to read! Although Anne Rule went on to be known for being one of the biggest true crime authors out there, it all began with The Stranger Beside Me. Anne worked as a suicide hotline operator and one of her co-workers turned out to be none other than the infamous Ted Bundy. This book highlights the more human side of Bundy. It's still chilling however, to read about how someone who worked to help people also committed some of the most heinous acts imaginable. This read will really make you take a closer look at the people sitting right  next to you.
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These true-crime novels are not for the faint of heart. They all add true meaning to the phrase "real life can be stranger than fiction." These books are all must-reads if you're interested in the darker side of life.

What true crime book would you have liked to see make this list? Leave a comment below and it may be included in a future post!